Founded in 2018 by Juanna Baram, Istanbul-based design studio JuannaBaramArchitects, works with passionate young creatives across different fields such as architecture, interior design, styling and product design. Focusing on human needs and character of the space, Studio creates by a multidisciplinary holistic approach while fulfilling the specific needs of the user.

With the aim of creating a spatial experience, studio’s minimalist design philosophy is articulated with the sophistication of materials, textures and forms.

From sketch to site-supervision, studio is involved in the full-scope stages of design services of every scale project at varying typologies such as residential, commercial and retail.


Juanna Baram

She was born and raised in Antakya, Turkey. Inspired from the family-business in architecture and construction, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Bahcesehir University in 2013 and her master’s degree in Architectural Design at Bilgi University in 2015. After completing various scales and types of projects at different design offices in architecture and interior design, she launched her design office in 2018.